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Welcome to the Nashville Piano Rescue home page.  This page has been updated as of April 1 2021 .  Please read carefully as we have changed quite a bit on how we do business mainly from a liability standpoint moving forward.
*** NEW***  Nashville Piano Rescue has added Online Thrift  including free delivery within our 50 mile service area .  We get a lot of items while we are out on our adventures so knowing the high costs associated with stores we have decided to add a section of fantastic thrift items that you may not be able to find just anywhere. 
We are no longer doing ANY customer owned work and only work on our own pianos as in custom finishes or refinishing what we get in that needs it for resale.  Liability and very limited availability of products that we use has created a timeline issue doing customer owned work.
Free Pickup of unwanted pianos however we are VERY selective on what we pick up.  We do no pickups from any second floor locations.  If you have more than 5 steps and we cannot get a truck in there and put a ramp on the porch then you need to get it to ground level yourself.   Pianos can be picked up at no cost to you within a certain radius of Nashville TN we will go further if its something we think we can use.
Military and Senior Discounts on purchases  We will be offering 10 % off to service members either active or veterans as well as any seniors.
Free transportation of goods to any Animal charity within the Nashville area so if you have food or hardgoods to donate to these places but have no way to get it over there we will do it at no cost. 
Piano Moving ;  We will once again be offering local piano moving based out of Nashville by May 1st with very competitive pricing, again though this will all be ground floor only .
Piano Tuning :  While some may find this odd we no longer refer any piano tuners.  We will pre-tune our own inventory but it has become a major liability in referring piano tuners to you so we prefer that you do your own legwork on finding a tuner and remember no piano can be properly tuned in 20 minutes.  Do your homework on what is involved so you do not get taken to the cleaners by those that will take advantage of your lack of knowledge. 
What is for sale ;   Please visit the various tabs on the website.   We of course have hand selected pianos that we mainly get from midwestern states.  We have custom furniture that is all handmade in Nashville , We have midcentury styled pianos and we from time to time have parts for artists. 
Thank you for visiting and if you need a question answered please use the contact us form.

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